Moving Hosts

My Store is currently hosted by go daddy, but they have been nothing but trouble. So I recently bought a new Dell Rack server. To move the store do I just pull down all the files from go daddy and push them up? Are there any steps I am missing? An Install maybe?

Please refer to the answer below and good luck.

This is from the last section in the user manual:

How can I transfer my CS-Cart installation to a new server?

Follow these directions:

  1. Make a clean installation of the same(!) version of CS-Cart on a new server;

  2. Copy the “config.local.php” file of this new CS-Cart to your local computer (or rename it to avoid its overwriting during the next step);

  3. Make a backup copy of the store database on the “Database” page in the administration area of the web site from which you wish to move CS-Cart installation (the link to the “Database” page is in the “Administration” tab);

  4. Copy all the CS-Cart files to the new server overwriting the clean installation.

  5. Copy the “config.local.php” file of the clean installation back to the server.

  6. Log in to the administration area of CS-Cart installed on the new server (it still has the default login and password admin/admin) and restore the database backup file (you created at step 3) on the “Restore” tab of the “Database” page.

    As a result you will have the same copy of CS-Cart on the new server.