Moving from 3 to 4 via import/export

My current store is running on v3. CS-Cart version 4 has been recently released, and while the official upgrade tool is not released I'm experimenting with the built-in import/export tools.

As far as I can tell this will work, however I ran into a brick wall. I have a license for the Professional edition of CS-Cart 3. CS-Cart 4 now uses a different licensing scheme where the Ultimate and Professional editions have been combined and you simply pay for additional storefront licenses.

My problem is this: since CS-Cart 3 Professional does not run multiple stores, and CS-Cart 4 does, whenever I import my products to CS-Cart 4 via CSV it complains that there is no STORE field in the files. If I do export from CS-Cart 4, however, it does include the STORE field. Thus I cannot import products from CS-Cart 3 due to a single missing field.

I know I can fiddle with this using Excel, but it seems to be breaking the file so CS-Cart ignores all the products in it.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? I'm pretty sure that many who will upgrade via the import/export route will have the same problem when going from v3 Professional to v4.

Export your V3 data

Add an extra column in each CSV file called “Store” with the value “Your Store Name” to match the Store Name as shown in V4. This will allow you to import most (although not all) data from V3 into V4.

Quoting myself… I did that, but it seemed to break the file somehow so that CS4 ignores all products.

You have be be carefull exporting and importing.

Best way around this is to setup a category and add a product to the V4 making sure both replicate a product you have in V3. Then export that with all fields. This will give you the template to place your exisitng v3 data into.

Personally the fact “one store” only users now need to add more details to the csv is another reason why I won't be undating anytime soon if ever.

I saw a post somewhere where CSCART team also said that you may have issues if you do the import/export that way. I would wait for the import tool before upgrading to V4

Use OpenOffice Calc when adding the colums. Excel breaks the file, Open Office does not. you then can import your csv file. However, did manage to get the products imported but images not. Does anyone have experience with this?

I always had to move the images manually using FTP to same directories. Did that on 2.0 to 3.0. Have not tried in 4.0

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I always had to move the images manually using FTP to same directories. Did that on 2.0 to 3.0. Have not tried in 4.0


Should be the same procedure.

Well, did what Eduard suggested using LIbreOffice. Same thing, CS4 detects that there are 60 products in the file, yet ignores all of them.

If you export them import then in open office. Use Separated, Tabulator and semicolon. Tehn add the coloms. Make sure that the language is correct and the storename when adding these columns. Then save. If asked keep existing settings say yes. Then go to your cs-cart 4.0 and import them using as CSV separator the tab option. Then iimport. I imported about 600 products this way

Still wrangling this. CS4 still ignores all the products in the file. And now I found out about something even weirder: I created a test product in CS4. Exported it to CSV using tabs as delimiters, and imported it back without any changes. CS4 still ignores the test product in the file.

What the…?

EDIT: By the way, this is a local server running on Windows, so I can test everything before going live.