Moving database creates inventory errors?

I’ve had one of my two ecommerce sites on CS Cart for almost three months now, and it’s been working well. It’s time to convert the other site!

The good news is that the two sites carry exactly the same inventory. In theory I should be able to duplicate the first site onto another server, change the site-specific details like logins and the store name, delete the first store’s orders/customers, and redo the branding. Then I can launch as Website #2. Right?

Apparently not. I followed the directions in this knowledgebase article about moving to a new server, and things seemed to go well. We just discovered a real dealbreaker though.

We have almost a thousand products, and the inventory has changed on ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I took a backup of the first database, FTP’d it to var/database/backup on the new server, and did “restore” via the second cart’s admin panel. All we’re doing here is moving text from one place to another, why and how could it change???

It’s the same version of CS Cart (2.012) on both servers, same hosting company but completely separate accounts and databases, clean install of the second site’s shopping cart. Did I cause this by deleting the orders? (Just plain delete, with no status changes.)

Any suggestions welcome. In less than one minute I have gone from the smoothest transition I’ve ever handled, to a complete nightmare. I think I can fix it by uploading the correct inventory data via a .csv file, but my concern is WHY it changed, and what else might be messed up that I now need to worry about. Help??

Thanks to everyone in advance for your patience with my ranting. The terminology heard my office was not pretty a few minutes ago :mad: