Moving a feature field in Admin

Hi all

Could anyone advise on how hard it would be to copy/duplicate a features field (Manufacturer) to the General tab in the Product page in the admin backend?

I just want to make it easier to set this value during product creation and also make it less easy to forget :slight_smile:

So I want to have a drop-down called Manufacturer on the General tab for a product which would be exactly the same drop-down as the one on the Features tab. Ideally it would be in the Information section of the General tab


For those interested I solved this:

My manufacturers field is called Brand and that’s what I want displayed on the General tab when adding/editing a product.

I created a new .tpl file (product_assign_features_brand.tpl) and saved it to a new folder (admin\views\products\components\custom_components)

This file contains:

{* $Id: product_assign_features_brand.tpl 7043 2009-03-16 08:49:44Z zeke $ *}

{foreach from=$product_features item=feature key="feature_id"}

{if $feature.description == "Brand"}

{assign var="value_selected" value=false}


This is just a very slighted edited copy from product_assign_features.tpl

I then edited the update.tpl in admin\views\products and added this after the Price field (line 49 for me)

{** Product 'Brand' copy from - Product features section **}

{include file="views/products/components/custom_components/product_assign_features_brand.tpl" product_features=$product_data.product_features}
{** Product 'Brand' copy from - Product features section **}

Finally, I stopped the original features field code (in product_assign_features.tpl) from displaying the Brand field because having 2 fields with the same name causes then to overwrite each other on the form post - or rather the last one’s (in terms of position on screen/in form) value is used. I just added a conditional statement to do this (!=“Brand”)


What was the conditional statement you added?


The conditional was placed in the original product_assign_features.tpl after the != “G” (see below)

{foreach from=$product_features item=feature key="feature_id"}
{if $feature.feature_type != "G"}
{if $feature.description != "Brand"}

and then a {/if} in the right place at the bottom of the code block…

Let me know if you need any more info… by the way, this is obviously changing core CS-Cart template files which will get blatted during an upgrade I assume. So make sure you keep a note of all the files you change like this. Hope that’s not teaching you to suck eggs :slight_smile: