Moving 1 category to another site

Hi All,

I want to move a full category of products to another 1 of my sites and i want to know if I can export and the re import to newer site someway from phpmyadmin or whatever.

The global options

The extra thumnail images

Category images

Options descriptions( That are triggered when ? is clicked)

Qty discounts.

Or am I stuck with manually entering it all?



What kind of site are you looking to import into?

CS cart same skin and everything.


If the new site is empty, just copy all tables over as sql files (without the structure). I might skip the log and session tables, but the rest would be just fine to move.

If you want to be more specific, I’d copy all the products, category, options and variants tables.

Thanks gginorio

The site is empty… and I never thought about copying all data over and delete what I dont want as there are other things I would like to move also. nice prompt.

thanks again