Moved Site 4.2.4 To New Server Only 1 Problem

i have only 1 problem is that when i go to the products i dont see the product images

when i look in the admin panel there is no problem

anyone know what to do

i cleared cache also manual on the server

all files are there

Schermafdruk 2015-03-28 14.15.32.png

If they show in the admin but not in the front end then it must be a cache issue or the defined thumbnails do not exist in the location(s) they are expected in.

Did the value of MAX_FILES_IN_DIR change between your two sites. This value is set in config.local.php and defaults to 1000. If it's changed, then may be looking for thumbnails and images in the wrong directories.

Hi Tbirnseth

i check the php file and all is same on both servers

im uploading manual again the image files

the cache dir i removed already 2 times and its regenerated again itself

lets see what happeens when its uploaded again

i checked it again but still the same

what i dont understand is why only part is showing and the rest not

also when i upload again its not working

I Tryed now on a new domain and not in a sub directory

there everything works

i think when you have a sub dir then this problem is there

still need to check why

then you should submit a bug in bugtracker describing how to duplicate the problem.

I know there are issues with creating a 2nd store when the primary store is in a sub-directory.

unlocksupport, as far as I can see, the images are displayed now. What was the reason of the issue?

Problem what the cashe dir

this i now compleet remove not empty it and then whas ok

thanks for the help options