Moved CS-Cart to new server and admin css missing

So I just moved my shopping cart to a new server. I basically copied all of the files on my old server and uploaded them to the new one. I also created a new database, imported the old database, etc.

On the front end, the site looks fine but on the back end, it's like there is no css. It's just very plain html.

Help desk asked me to check the permissions of all files and folders but they are all set to 0755 for folders and 0644 for files. I have painstakingly gone through every file and folder and that is what I see… also note files are missing.

I was hoping to hear back from the help desk today but have not.

Has anybody experienced this before? I'm hoping it is a quick fix?

I'm guessing somewhere a file or something is missing. Am I looking in the right place… /skins/basic/ for admin?

CS-Cart: version 3.0.6 PROFESSIONAL