Move Orders and Users "history" from 1.3.5.x database to 2.0.x database.

How difficult is to move the info related to users and orders from the cart 1.3.5.x database to a 2.0.x database.

A simple “backup” of users tables from 1.3.5 and restore them to 2.0.x is not working :slight_smile: … as expected.

How difficult is to adapt exported 1.3.5 db users tables/structure/schema to fit an “import” into a 2.0.x DB. If it’s not difficult can somebody post here how can it be done.


Unfortunately, there is no direct upgrade from version 1.3.5 to the current version (2.0.14).

There is a databases upgrade available: "Database upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5-sp4 to 2.0.8 ".

You need have your version 1.3.5 site updated to 1.3.5-sp4. Export this database and restore it into a new empty database. Then run the upgrade script mentioned above and install version 2.0.8. Check everything out in 2.0.8 and then start applying the upgrades using the Upgrade Center to get to the current version.


I did that.

And everything was ok in the upgrade/patching process BUT the end result was quite disappointing.

Many settings were not working anymore, products were not visible or Bestsellers add-on that was still present and showing even after it was uninstalled from admin back-end.

All i need actually from the old installations are the users profiles actually… Everything else i can redo manually.

If you just want to preserve your users, you should be able to use the export feature in the admin area to export the user information. Then you could import that information in the Administration->Import data:Users in a fresh 2.0…x installation. You will need to remove the root admin user (user_id=1) from your exported table to avoid a “duplicate” error.


I’ll try to do that. Cheers.