move options and buy button on default product template

Anyone know how to move the Options list and the Add to Cart button BELOW the tabsbox on the default template?

Some of our products have a bunch of options and this pushes the tabs box display too far down. I can get the options list to display below the tabs box but every time I click an option the 'Add to Cart' button reverts to the 'Select Options' link.

Just can't quite get the default template code to function properly when I move the components.

move options and button.jpg


I understand your need for that mod but I find that placement of the most important button wich is buy, should be right next to the product image and to the top.

If you look around in google about that you ll se that studies shows a better conversion with that type of placement.

I would also suggest an ab roll test but I haven't quit figured out a way to have both versions in one site.

Anyway after saying that, I can try to find for you a way to do that and get back to you.


I agree with you. Just afraid the customer might not see the options list below the fold and end up causing more clicks then necessary.