Move cart status and sign in

I've searched the forums endlessly and can't find anything that gives me any hint on how to move the cart status and checkout links as well as the login and register links and menu tabs. I basically want all of them on one line.

Usually, I'm pretty good at figuring this stuff out but this one really has me stumped. I think my brain is just oversaturated with code. Any direction you can point me in would be wonderful!



  1. You can create a new div and put all in there.


.my-bar{clear: both; width:100%; height:22px; background-color:grey;}

2. Check the top.tpl and copy the code for the cart and registration. Usually is inside some html tag. Same for the top menu.

3. Float the cart & registration code to the left, and the top-menu to the right.

You'll need to set your own css classes and width for the top menu (400px?). This is the most time consuming part, since you have to dismantle all cs-cart default “tabs” styling for the top menu.

Check this post on how you could use my_changes folder and leave default files untouched:


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Thank you! Got it all on one line without it all jacked - finally…

Just need to fix the colors, thanks so much!