Most Wanted Features

Please Reply to this thread with your Most Wanted Features in CS

[color=red]The following features are coming but may not be 100% included in CS v1.3.4[/color]

Affiliate Module

Maxmind Antifraud

Feature Comparison

Product Configurator

Quickbooks Integration

Note these add-on modules are FREE and would cost an additional $217+ from competitors. I would like to make a suggestion and a way of appreciation and Thanks to the CS crew to purchase an additional license through your helpdesk !!!

Snorockets Most Wanted Features:

[thread=345]Featured Articles/Pages[/thread]

[thread=341]IP Blocking/Banning[/thread]

Yahoo Data feed

BizRate Data feed

MSN Shopping Data feed

eBay Data feed

SEO Links [size=1](Ability to define your own HTML Links)[/size]

Extra Fields [size=1](Ability to add custom fields to customer info, shipping, billing profiles)[/size]

HTML Catalog (pages/mfg’s) [size=1](add pages and manufacturers to HTML Catalog)[/size]

Block Manager [size=1](Ability to create left, right, middle sideblocks/mainblocks with the ability to assign products, pages and articles to any block and be able to choose which pages to show blocks on and use smarty code in the blocks)[/size]

Hidden Pages/Forms [size=1](Ability to hide pages and forms)[/size]

Payment Surcharges [size=1](ability to add surcharges to credit card, paypal payments ect…)[/size]

Destination dependency [size=1](ability to add surcharges to selcted states, countries ex: add $1 for shipments to CA or $2 to TX ect…)[/size]

Newest Products [size=1](ability to show newest added products in sideboxes ect…)[/size]

Export/Import Data [size=1](ability to define and export/import ALL data variables, customers, orders, statistics, products ect…)[/size]

Price Match [size=1](price match mod where as customer can enter data of another customer’s product for us to compare and price match…)[/size]

Suggestions offered so far:

Quickbooks Integration

Returns Manager [size=1](Return Merchandise Authorization)[/size]

Special Offers [size=1](Buy 1 get 1 FREE, Buy 2 Get 3rd FREE, Buy X product get FREE shipping ect…)[/size]

Sorry the way you posted it i was not clear that they were comming, nope, thoes adds will be great, dont have any suggestions at the moment.

Recreate images would be a great one.

For example, if you change the prefered size of your created images there is not way to recreate them.

[quote name=‘smoked1’]Recreate images would be a great one.[/QUOTE]

can you be more specific?, Please do not reply but edit your post instead, Thanks

Quickbooks integration.

Most other carts offer this.

Quickbooks integration.

A citylink real-time shipping module,

nochex payment module

Special Offers

Descriptive Mini cart

Feature Comparison

Product Configurator

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

readin the first post…

The following features are coming but may not be 100% included in CS v1.3.4

Affiliate Module

Maxmind Antifraud

Feature Comparison

Product Configurator

We’ve noticed that current and the latest version of cs cart 1.3.3. DOES support Macromedia ™ flash integration.

We tested it out by making some streaming flash presetations and embedded them in"full description" panel.

WOrks amazinlgy.

But we do lack a possibilty of “quickbooks” export feature.

Is it really hard to make it?

We think the way how the feature would work in very similiar weay like with “export to excel” feature already avaible in cs 1.3.3

Did any or all of you cs cart staff had been ever thinking how your sale could be taken to much higher level just to start implement “quickbooks” export feature?

If not we’ve are ready to give you at least 10 good reasons what for.

Just say if we’re wrong.


Oh my dear did anybody had mentioned so called"phishing"?

We think the developpers of Cs cart should give the greatest attention regarding this.

Let we be more closer.

All informations and notifications have been sent to or by email.

What if a “phisher” does all that simply by message in customers email box"please update your account, etc" and the silly customers obey and click that take him to his/her fraud webistes who looks indentically as original CS store?

Didi anybody had been thinking of losses and suing webstore master and webstore owner then?

Thanks for waking up.

quickbooks has been mentioned numerous times, I’m all for it but it’s got to be the worst piece of accounting software in world history, as for phishing goes unless you have million dollar sales (in which case your probably not using quickbooks) it’s not a very good idea to keep payment information online, payment information should be recorded and removed immediately upon an order.

As we did understand that job is done by “DB restore wizzards” right?

Well done guys!

Thanks for an advice in the right time.

Cs cart is freely speaking one of the best shopping cart avaible in the world.

If anybody does think differentlly then say it now.

We’re not affiliate.

For $125 can you get more?

Find a first retailer and it’s paid off.

Even an absolute beginners may earn some extra cash without learning programming server languages and web design.

I would like to see the html catalog automaticly generated with a cron job.

enable/disable user check out - if disable only anonymous checkout is allow

Coming Soon - when add a new product seller will have the option to choose when the product is available for sale. If the the future release date is entered and the available check is checked CS-cart will put a “Coming Soon” Tag next to the product, CS-Carl will also generate a count-down for the product. And will be listed in the “Coming Soon” Category. Coming Soon Category only appear when there is a coming soon product.

Auto Product ID - if seller leave the product id field blank CS-Cart will generate one.

Pre-Order Option - this goes with the “coming soon” option. On the release date, all the pre-order orders will be list and highlight in a window called " Pre-Order Need to Ship" (i guess)

Shipping freight ($) for each wholesale price - for example, quantiy from 2 - 4 is $5.00 shipping for each, or $15 for all, etc…

Display shipping freight - if the value in the shipping freight field is greater than 0, it should be display right under the price of each product. If Shipping Freight is available on any product in the cart, it should display the total freight shipping for each item (not just the total shipping the the order) when “viewcart”, and order detail during check out.

wholesales option - if the price for any wholesale quanity is 0 it should display “Call for price” instead of $0

Product optional text - option to add additional text to the right of the product name, price, stock.

Nochex gateway is coming to 1.3.4.

Only really applicable to UK users though.

I’ve just had it implemented by CS.

free gift - set parameter ($150 - $200) order will get a gift, more than $200 will get a different gift…

Check Inventory when submit order - CS-cart should check the inventory to see if seller has sufficient stock before complete the order. This is critical

Raffle - Each Day, Week, Month, or Year. the order number will be the raffle number, the raffle start at the begin and end by the end of the period (day, week, month, or year). All orders place during the raffle period will automatically enter for the raffle.