More Intuitive Product Options Management (Eg. Sizes)

Hi everyone!

I'm setting up a multivendor store with really non-technical vendors in mind. The only option that will be used will be product size. Unfortunately when using options, it's highly unintuitive and complex.

Vendors first have to choose global option (size), then create all combinations, then edit global option modifiers to change the prices - not directly, but only using these delta modifiers (base price + x usd).

This is, I think, the least convenient part. It would be much more intuitive if it would be possible to modify the prices directly on the option combinations screen - next to the stock values.

Is there any way to simplify this, especially when one knows that there's going to be just one option?

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions!

Maybe the above was to vague, here's some simpler questions

  • How difficult would it be to create a 'product templates' - eg to let user set product name, category and price and choose one dropdown - product "type", that would set multiple other fields for him? creating product with options is super complicated now (choose global options, create combinations, only then you can select 'track inventory with options' etc - it all could be done based on this product type).
  • Why all option variants keep appearing in the frontend even if some are missing in option combinations? It doesn't make sense. Any way to get such a behaviour?
  • Is there any way to display option variant modifier next within combination, next to quantity etc? It would be super convenient.