More Information on the .ceDialog Function

During development I've come across numerous references to .ceDialog being used to launch dialogs, in my case, launching a 2nd dialog from within a 1st one. It seems that the method is to append an empty DIV to the body and then run .ceDialog on that element, passing in the content via the href option.

My question is this: What is ceDialog and where can I find some more documentation on it? More specifically, I'm looking for the options I can pass to the function when opening a dialog window. My problem is that when opening a WYSIWYG text editor inside a dialog, the content does not load into the text editor on the first try. I have to close the dialog and reopen it to actually see the content. Since the container DIV is created initially on the first click, I'm thinking it may launching the dialog before the content itself is fully rendered and maybe there are some options I need to pass along that I am unaware of.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I know this is too late, But ceDialog is basically jQuery UI dialog with a different name.