More information on creating skins?

Hi guys, I am creating a skin for our company, however there is really no documentation on the methods of how the skin system works. Do I create it in the repository first? I notice in there though there are no template files. I need to customize the header. I am familiar with the Smarty template system but there really is nothing in terms of how to create one. Do I create it under skins or the skins repository?



The easiest way I’ve found to advise people is:

  1. Find an existing standard skin that is close to the “layout” you want to achieve. Don’t worry about number of columns, this is all determined by what blocks and content you enable.

  2. Use hooks to modify the look and feel of your chosen layout.

  3. Only create a completely new skin if you are willing and able to provide the maintenance that will be required to doing so if you plan to upgrade your store in the future.

  4. Be proficient in HTML,CSS, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery annd PHP and have some knowledge of how the template system works.

    Using steps 1 & 2, most people with some development background can figure things out. If you choose to go with #3, ensure that #4 is in place before you start.