More Bugs After Upgrade

As usual CS-Cart take so little time in checking what they do so you upgrade to fix bugs that they previously created and you find not all bugs are fixed and then for fun they introduce more bugs for everyone.

I thought I would have a look at the latest new theme “Brightness” and before I even get really started on it by just creating categories, I find this:


CS-Cart needs to sell the business to a real development company and then CS-Cart developers can get a job cleaning out toilets because that is all they are worth…as usual I am 101% completely frustrated but just don't have the time and money to invest in a “real” shopping cart system


All I have done so far is create a store's categories and sub categories and finding many more bugs JUST in this one area. With the attached screen shots you can see that if you have sub categories under the last main category of the menu bar, they are shown vertically unlike they are with the other main categories that show the sub categories horizontally:


Now if I resize the screen to 1024x768 which places the last main menu category on a 2nd line, the sub categories are then shown as they should be, horizontally:


So, again CS-Cart have stuffed things up to a point that their new Theme is completely unusable and full of bugs. Why don't they do any testing of what they create by their amateurs and just push out to their customers continually showing us how stupid they are…and I am still completely frustrated



I put the issue into the Bug Tracker by replying to another entry of the same and they delete it

I fixed this by simply bypassing the CS-Cart bugs and getting a great menu addon by cscartrocks: