Monthly Sales Report

Currently when I go to monthly sales reports it gives me a list of all my monthly sales broken down my product. What I would like to have is a report that shows total sales, taxable sales and tax collected for a specified time period. Is there a way to easily set that up? Thanks.

Not all in one report.

You can click the Edit Report link and change the criteria for the report and select Sale Tax, which can show you the orders with sales tax as a separate report.

I've never found an Addon for the Sales Reports that gives a CS-Cart user a wide range of customization for reports - like combining total sales data with sales tax and/or shipping data in one report. If you are a developer, this area is wide open.

Personally I hardly ever use CS-Cart's reports because I run a business. For my business I use accounting software to make purchase orders, build my inventory, pay bills and enter expenses. My accounting software provides detailed reports on my web sales that are imported from CS-Cart. The cart just sells the goods. Accounting software provides the analysis.