Monitor Coupon Use - For Abandend Carts

I recently discovered that one of my coupons had changed somehow. It was a first order 10% discount coupon. When I checked the setting it had been set not to 15 but to 00. This meant people were not getting any discount when they entered it in the checkout.

I have had an increase of abandend carts for a few months and I was investigation why this might be. Seems I might have found the problem with this coupon. But I want to monitor it.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to count the times a coupon is entered in the checkout WITHOUT the order being placed ? perhaps I could use a GA goal if I had the code used when the coupon is activated? I know once orders are placed the use is counted but I need to know before that point too.

Hi kickoff3pm,

Yes, the thing you need is possible, but some custom coding will be necessary. If you are interested in the development drop us an e-mail.

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Our team will be also happy to create such modification for you. PM me if you are interested

we are also at your service