Moneybookers Incomplete

I have had a pretty big issue going on for a while now. When ever people checkout with Moneybookers their order status stays as Incomplete. Has anyone else seen these? I am using the latest version of CS-cart with the moneybookers quick checkout plugin

Moneybookers (now Skrill) works absolutely fine here. I am actually very happy with them because they have fair rates, no monthy fees or setup fees, support is good, and I can accept just about any local payment method in Europe… like Ideal in Holland, sofortuberweisung in Germany, and so on.

Also, they are innovative… and will start offering 1 click payments for mobile shoppers.

More info for cs-cart users at https://www.moneyboo…ners/?p=Cs-Cart

are you using a VPS ?

i have a dedicated physical server. I was using Iframe mode before which was actually working but now when users checkout with Iframe mode the payment is received but the order is not logged in cs-cart

I have the same problem.

I have one that says payment has been made, but in reality the payment never went through.

And I have one that says it has been cancelled or incomplete but the payment has gone through.ent

This is 2 problems from 3 sales.

Whgat can be the problem?? Anyone urgent

Hmmm… I just had one as well. Order has been paid but admin says has been cancelled by customer.

It does the opposite sometimes when the order has been placed but the money has not been processed. In a multi vendor account the email gets send of to the vendor that a order has been placed and paid for. Meanwhile no money has been paid.

I have installed CS Cart v 3.0 and trying to enable Moneybookers Quick Checkout, however, I am getting the following error:

Error Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.

I get this error when I click on Validate E-mail. I can successfully add Moneybookers (Depreciated) through the same process but not Quick Checkout. Can somebody help me to fix this?