Module "standard product photo" for cs-cart


The module adds an image specified as standard to products that do not have a photo.

Products without images

In order for the product card to be informative, pleasant, attract the buyer’s eye and be quoted by search engines, it must contain not only the product name, price and description, but also an image.

Unfortunately, very often sellers do not have not only beautiful, high-quality photos of goods, they do not have any photos at all. And someday, gradually, maybe the seller will pick up or make suitable photos and place them in the product card. But when will it be? And will it be?

Functionality of the module “Standard photo for the product”

It turns out that the lack of images is a problem of the marketplace. And it will have to be solved. Of course, you can manually search for product cards without an image, select images for them and upload them. But to do this, you will need to hire an individual, or even more than one.

We offer a simpler solution: purchase the module “Standard photo for the product”. It allows you to massively upload a standard image for a group of products. For example, if a seller sells auto parts, specifically, brake pads, then they all look about the same. You can upload a schematic image of the brake pads there. It will look much nicer than the complete absence of photos or a general non-informative picture for all categories.

Uploading images for products without photos

Select a group of products (the group can contain both products with an image and products without images) and upload a standard photo for this group. The module will find all products without images in the group, and it will upload a standard photo to them. Products with the image will not be changed.

Displaying a standard photo in the list of products for specific product categories

Go to the category, go to the “Modules” tab and in the “Standard photo for the product” item upload the required image. After that, in the list of products, all products that do not have photos uploaded will have a standard image. At the same time, the image will not be loaded into the product itself.

The module is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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