Module "Prohibiting the selection of a non-finite category for a vendor" for CS-CART

Module “Prohibiting the selection of a non-finite category for a vendor” for CS-CART

The module prohibits your administrators from placing products in categories that have nested categories. This means that they will be required to comply with the hierarchy of categories. This ensures the order in the categories, which means that the buyer will be able to find the product he is interested in faster.


New employees who do not know the structure of the category tree too well may inadvertently or negligently place the product in a non-final category. For example, you have a category “Toys”, and in it the subcategories “Dolls”, “Soft toys”, “Constructors” and so on. When creating a new product, an employee may not pay attention to the nested categories, and place, for example, a doll in the “Toys” category.

When the buyer is looking for a doll, he will go to the category “Toys”, and then to the subcategory “Dolls”, but he will not see a new product in this category, since it remained in the previous one, among many soft toys and designers.

In order for you to avoid such situations, we have created a module “Prohibiting the selection of non-finite categories”.

Module functionality

The module prohibits your employees from placing products in categories that have at least one nested category. The employee will be forced to search for the final category corresponding to the product. Thanks to this, you will be able to keep the category tree in perfect order. This means that the buyer will definitely be able to find the goods he is interested in.

The module is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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