Mods Requested for 2.0.8 Version


I’m looking for a quote to perform the following mods to my 2.0.8 CS-Cart which I’m currently creating. I hope I can explain them clearly enough.

I have a specific group of local customers who will be assigned to a Membership in CS-Cart. They will have a shipping option to choose called “Raw Food Pickup/Delivery” during checkout which will be assigned only to this Membership. There are specific “pickup” locations that I need to have as options for shipping addresses which only these customers should see so that NJ tax is applied to their orders correctly. They also should have the option to put in their own home address in case they want something shipped to them directly.

In addition to these shipping address options being available, I would like to use the multi-page checkout but want to see a cart summary on each page so the customers can see what they’re purchasing at each step.

Here’s a link to the first page of my current checkout If you want to go through the whole checkout process in my current store, please feel free to do so and just put a note in the order indicating that it’s a test order and select check/cash payment. The front page of the current non-CS-Cart store is here.

I’m using Artificial Casting as my skin in CS-Cart 2.0.8. I have the store set up for the most part if you want to look at it here.

Please let me know if you need more information. I think I’ve explained it fully. I’m hoping to have my CS-Cart store ready by Jan. 2010 so that’s the time line in case you need to know.

Thank you.