Modifying Search Accuracy

We sell a lot of products by the same manufacturers. For easy example, say we were selling Apple products. When a user types in “Apple iPod” the search will return all of our Apple products with the iPods showing up about halfway down after some Apple software products and keyboards etc.

What would be ideal would be for the iPods to show up first in the search because they match best with the words in the search. Then all of the other Apple products showing up next so the user doesn’t have to sift through all of the search results to find what they wanted originally.

So basically we would want the search to take the two words the user typed in and find the best match and show it first, instead of just aggregating all of the apple products and showing them all in what seems like an arbitrary order.

Anyone looked at this?

Note: I looked at the kb article on look and feel and didn’t find anything on this, and then did a forums search and it doesn’t look like there is much on this… so giving the forums a shot. If it is somewhere already please point me in the right direction so I don’t waste anyone’s time.

Not exactly what you want but the advanced search option allows you to specify “Any of these words”, “All of these words” or “The exact phrase”.

If you want to modify the Quick Search to use “all of these words” see the following thread: