Modifyier (size) ..... ver 2.14

Hello. I am selling jeans.

Some larger sizes cost more so I use a modifier to change my prices.

The price does change when you select a larger size, but It looks too busy (and a bit amateurish to be honest) in my dropdown though, with the (+$1.00) and (+$2.00), etc, to the right of certain sizes.

Am trying to think of a cleaner way to do this, and am open to any sugestions at all.

I wish the “product pages” would allow you to also enter text for the price, rather than just numbers. Then I would do like JCPenney and put $34.99- 36.99 and then have the price just set to whatever size you select. Would look simple and clean. PS: Am open to attempting to mod code if anyone has a suggestion. Thank you.Here is the JCPenney link so you can see what I mean.|60970