Modify Product Quatity

Hell all,

I'm working on a travel booking web site using cs-cart. I needs to modify the quantity management to include Adult,child and babies.

The price will be calculated using thoses parameters, adult rate is 1, child is 0.7 and baby is 0.15 for example.

Do you have an idea that can help me saving time?


You should probably use “option combinations” and have the pricing set for the selected combination (but I think it needs to be fixed, not a percentage of original, but I could be wrong). This would allow someone to select ABC → XYZ and then have the 3 different options for various ticket variants.

Unfortunately it is not possible to do like that, you can see here:

Different prices for different option combinations - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

Is there any idea about how to modify the core functions to get it?

I hope that one of cs cart guys take some minutes to look at this post, It is really difficult to have information from this forum.