Modify Newsletter box

How do I remove the checkbox and the ability to select the newsletter format when the customer signs up for a newsletter ? I would like for it to default to only one newsletter name and to HTML format.

Thanks in advance.

Who sends today “text only” newletters?

I want to swich off the possibility of selecting type of newsletter (html/text).

How to remove this selection?

Take a look at /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/addons/news_and_emails/blocks/subscribe.tpl



but I got no idea to what I need to change the code to in order to effect the changes I want.

Ok figured it out:

To have it default to HTML newsletter and hide the select-box go to:




then add the following to your CSS file

#newsletter_format {



And add

What about the other part of the OP?

The notion of not having a checkbox for the newsletters and it defaults to adding the one you have?

I am interested in this :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘MurrinMedia’]What about the other part of the OP?

The notion of not having a checkbox for the newsletters and it defaults to adding the one you have?

I am interested in this :)[/QUOTE]

Just thought I would update this as ive just done it.

To remove the checkbox and all other text so you are just left with an email field and submit button just replace the text in subscribe.tpl to the text below, I havent tried it with multiple mailing lists but it works with a single one and adds the subscriber to it, set up an auto responde with a confirm link to confirm the subscriber sign up.

You will be left with a newsletter box like this one

```php {* $Id: subscribe.tpl 7806 2009-08-12 10:22:35Z alexions $ }

* block-description:mailing_lists **}

{if $mailing_lists}

{foreach from=$mailing_lists item=list}




{include file="buttons/go.tpl" but_name="newsletters.add_subscriber" alt=$lang.go}


{/if} ```


I tried this code above and it works but then my box says Mailing lists and not Join our Mailing list.

I tried going into customization mode and translation mode as well as searching “mailing” under languages but can’t find anywhere to change the heading to Join our mailing list.

any tips thanks.

can this code work for the checkout page too? i would like it to default to HTML

can this code also be used on the checkout form?

i want it to default to HTML as well

hi anybody enlighten me on which file to edit to have HTML default on the newsletter option on checkout page?


This is how I did it, bare in mind I’m an amateur when it comes to these things.

Files to edit:





change (2 instances)


[B]also REPLACE[/B]



[B]now in[/B]
/skins/YOURSKIN/customer/style.css file

[B]add the following code[/B]
.subscription-select-field {
display: none;


The last post worked great for the sidebox but anyone know what to edit for the register and profile pages?

Still has the plain format box



which version of cs-cart are you using ?


the post you replied up top, works for registration pages?


I don’t see the newsletter signup box on the registration page, any idea how I enable it so I can take a look which file to edit ?

in adminstration go to content tab > join our mailing list > you need to have a mailing list there and edit the option to show on registration.

After playing around with it a bit and getting nowhere this is what I noticed.

The Newsletter signup info on the checkout page is not directly affected by edits made to the newsletter signup side-box.

If anyone can shed some LIGHT on which file to edit to manipulate the newsletter signup info on the checkout page I would appreciate it very much !!!

CS-Cart V. 2.1.1

for registration pages you need to edit the following file


replace all the text in that file with the following

```php {* $Id: checkout_steps.pre.tpl 10284 2010-07-30 09:08:26Z angel $ *}

{if $page_mailing_lists}

{include file="common_templates/subheader.tpl" title=$lang.mailing_lists}


{foreach from=$page_mailing_lists item=list}




{/if} ```

then add this to your /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/style.css file

display: none;