Modify home page layout


This might be simple or tough but I was wondering if there is a way to change the home page layout. Currently I can only add one column of blocks however I would like to add a block on the left side to display some main links. So basically it would look like this…links on the left side of the page and main content in the middle. Any ideas? Is this a custom feature maybe?


Hello Mike!

You can change the layout by creating the necessary grids and adding blocks into them.

Please go to Design → Layouts. Click the Homepage layout.

Create, for example, one grid with the width 4 (for your links) and another gris with the width 12 for your Main content.

In the smaller grid add a block with Menu content. Choose the necessary type of menu (for example, quick links but make sure that this menu is created in Design → Menus).

Also, you can create other grids and add the blocks into them.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hello and thank you for your reply! I forgot to mention i'm using Cs-Cart version 3.05. In this version I do not see a “Layout” section. Is it located somewhere else in version 3.05?

You should try to add grid and place block inside it. Grid is for your main layout.

Thanks for your replies. I found this article which helped.