Modified And Removed Files

I have been using EZ Admin Help from Tony at EZ-Merchant Solutions to monitor file changes. Normally there may be a few modified files each week. Images in the thumbnail directory structure. As I understand these are created when a product may be first viewed.

Today's email had 181 modified and over 1950 removed files. This would happened in the last 24 hours. All files are in the /images/thumbnail directory structure. All are listed as either png or jpg.

Since cs-cart sometimes renames image file in strange ways at least to me, some I can figure what they are or were. I have grabbed a few of the modified files, and confirmed they are images, no extra metadata, also looked at the file using notepad++ and see nothing obvious added to front or backend of file.

There has not been any major amount of additions or removes of products.

Does anyone have any thoughts, It just seems a bit strange.

We are on cs-cart 2.1.1


David DeWitt