Modification Required


I’ve been having my store built but have come across an issue in my original concept/design.

I require a quote from a CS developer to fix it as the CS Cart gurus are having problems understanding exactly what I mean and it’s been several weeks I’ve been explaining the same thing but to no real avail.

My site is selling car parts. I want a dropdown selector for ‘vehicle’, and that then to dynamically change the left menu to show the categories available for that specific vehicle.

I have screenshots, the current development site etc to view… anyone out there that could write this in for me???



Mod has been created by Joe and working perfectly!

Could we have a link to your site so we can see the mod in action please?

I’m just finishing it off, should be ready in a few days,



It’s been more than a few days. Is the site finished? I’m looking for a mod just like what it seems you had done.