Modded Site Launch!

Hey everyone,

It’s exciting to announce my first CS Cart project is up and running… Woodkins Wooden Toys

This was a client project with an existing design that I had to integrate into CSC. There are several things I’m still fine-tuning, such as optimizing content, images, and load times. The site owner is a toy manufacturer so we had some constraints that I had to work within, since only some of their products will be available for sale directly.

Here are some of the mods I setup thanks to all the great info and support here on the boards.

  1. Unique Home Page Template
  2. Home Page Catalog/Categories
  3. Categories with Subcat Images

    I started out by using the Brickwork Yellow/Green skin as the colors came close to the original design, then hacked the image settings, CSS formatting and main.tpl layout. I’m still working on converting templates to CSS…which is quite a task considering all of the nested tables! We also have a Flash game and PHP store locator that will be available which I’m still working on. I will probably use popup boxes on the info pages for these.


I like it, looks good.

Very Nice. Let me know when you take it live. I’ve got 4 Grandkids.

hmm, very colorful and attractive site :slight_smile:

that is nice… let me know when u go live as i have a niece that i tend to spend a lot of money on :slight_smile:

that is nice shope now im jealous ^!^


Thanks for the comments!

The site is open for business…the products available for online purchase are the Woodkins dolls and Wire Art kits.