Mod suggestion - viral marketing to increase business

Hi there,

Just trying to boost the effectiveness of my website which sells designer t-shirts, and will soon sell designer umbrellas, and raincoats.

I had an idea - how about rewarding the customers who refer your website and your products to their friends? So if one of their friends signup and buy a t-shirt, then the orginal person gets a kick back for the referral. Lets say $5 credit to a database account. But then another one of their friends finds out about the website through the same person and buys a shirt as well. So now the original person has $10 in their account. At some point they could bank up enough credits to buy a t-shirt or umbrella for no money down.

Think of YouTube or Facebook, where most of their business has been achieved virally through word of mouth. Why couldn’t we do that with the products on our carts?

Can cs-cart do this already? Or does anyone have any brilliant ideas how this could be done? Maybe we could get this modded up if it wasnt too much cost?

Another example is The offer reward points just for getting people to view your videos. For around 10,000,000 views, you earn $10,000

0.1 cents per impression.

I just went and watched an episode of series there. Its good quality video. I wonder if they are making any money out of this business model yet. And I wonder if they will get in trouble with copyrights etc.