MOD: Search by Phone Number


MOD: Search by Phone Number

Compatibility: 2.03+

Ability: Beginner



This MOD does what it says folks, search users by phone number, as very handy feature when you have missed phone calls, if I can avoid talking on the phone I can search a missed call and send an email status update, it’s a great little feature that should have been included in the cart like 10+ versions ago, yea I know I decided to post another FREE mod…lol



PASTE under LINE 41:


PASTE under LINE 599:

if (!empty($params['phone'])) {
$condition .= db_quote(" AND ? LIKE ?l", "%$params[phone]%");

Thanks Sno! I’ll definitely be using this mod.

Thanks! Your contributions here ARE appreciated!

Thanks, Sno.

This mod will be really helpful. What are the chances we can get CS-Cart to include this in future versions?


Thanks! Works perfectly!

Don’t work with 2.0.10 :frowning:

Just installed 2.0.12 and didn’t work but looks like the following does:


Step 1 of Sno’s post: DO SAME - Paste text in /users_search_form.tpl … bla bla bla

Step 2 of Sno’s post: Paste same code on different line.

Edit the file - /core/fn.users.php

Insert the text (from Sno’s original post) on about line 653 (instead of 599) which is after this existing code:

if (!empty($params[‘user_login’])) {

$condition .= db_quote(" AND ?:users.user_login LIKE ?l", “%$params[user_login]%”);


It’s working for me so far. No guarantees.

thanks sno and marvinjh, it is working fine for me.

What if i need to search by phone in orders section? how can it be done? i mostly have to search in orders made.

Thank you guys. I also used it below line 653 and that work great for me.:smiley:

Need help!


Will this work on the 3.0.X?

works under 3.0 version

put the code below line 805

I didn't want to change core files, so I did a little modification to my existing addon. I have created a post regarding the same. In the post, I have used my_changes addond. Read through Add search by phone number in Cs-cart

Similar one, if you want to add product name search in orders. Read through Add search by product name in Cs-cart

tanx for this trick.

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Hi there,

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