mod_rewrite problem with double quotes

The products list I have contains a lot of products which have double quotes in their names (i.e. 3/4" hose). When the URLs are being re-written the double quote is retained, and therefore the url gets cut off early.

An example with double quotes:



A normal product (without double quotes in the name):



Any ideas how to fix this?

I’ve managed to fix it. For anyone else looking to get some more desirable links, or fix this bug in particular. Open up the file /core/fn_catalog.php and the $chars array in fn_generate_name is what needs amending, like so, for my particular problem:


function fn_generate_name($str, $object_type = ‘’, $object_id = 0)



// Replace umlauts with their basic latin representation

$chars = array(

’ ’ => $d,

‘'’ => ‘’,

‘"’ => ‘’,

‘&’ => $d.‘and’.$d,

“\xe5” => ‘aa’,

“\xe4” => ‘ae’,

“\xf6” => ‘oe’,

“\xc5” => ‘aa’,

“\xc4” => ‘ae’,

“\xd6” => ‘oe’,



Hope this proves useful to you.