Mod Request: turn cs-cart into a dealtime/pricegrabber like but simpler script

I wonder if some cs-cart features can be transformed/added so that the cart acts something like or but in a simpler manner (i dont need those site ability to register sellers).

What i want to “transform” is the following:

  • The product details must contain tabs in a slightly customized manner and, most importantly, the Add to cart button should contain a link to a partner site where i register as an affiliate. For example, on when you click on Buy this product button you are redirected to the original store product page with an intermediary step where a page is loaded that contains a banner (to inform customer that he is redirected, etc). I think a redirect script must first display a message and then redirects using all the affiliate details required.

    In the admin backend there should be a “section” where it can be defined “what happens” when a customer clicks on the buy product buttons:
  • the intermediary page/message should be edited something like Manage Page pages, so should be simple
  • Click on the Buy Button should redirect to either a link or execute a script.

    If this is possible and someone is interested then please post here or send me a PM with your price request and time you need and we could have a deal.