MOD REQUEST: Product Image viewer

I am looking for an image viewer like that of’s

Basically, I want to be able to do a mouseover and have the main image div to display the additional image. I want to be able to click on the image and the image should enlarge.

Can someone quote me on this mod?

I can’t right now, but you could probably rig ‘/skins/CLIENT_SKIN/customer/products_pages/additional_images.tpl’ to do this.

CS-Cart is not very friendly when it come creating anything to do with graphics, without interfering with one thing or another, option or exceptions, even the configurator.

But if the above are not used, it is possible, have a look at this


I use it in another cart a long with Quick View and it is perfect.

Thank you for your suggestion. It looks great and I personally prefer these, too. But sometimes some people have to have what they want… I am gonna look into requesting this to the cs-cart team.

Thanks for your time.

You could check out

The mouse over shows a small section of the detailed image and you might be able to change a setting or 2 just to show the full detailed image if you would like.

This isn’t my store and I know nothing about it except that the guy did a great job with it. I don’t know what the guys name is, but his forum username is samsam92

I would send him a pm and see if he can help you. If you can’t get him through the pm system than try and send him an email through his site. Tell him you are a fellow CS-Carter and maybe he’ll help.