Mod Question


New to cs-cart. I have a client that has a few special requests and wondering if anyone can give some advice / template / code that i can modify for a good place to start.

1) They have a large number of users, orders, reviews in their current cart framework (osCommerce to be exact), I have gotten them to green light a switch to cs-cart, however they are unwilling to pay extra for a migration service (insert sad face here). Can anyone assist with some exporting code from phpmyadmin out so i can just run a few queries to get the information in the correct sql format to match import into cs cart?

2) They also want to be able to show active users on a page (think of a directory page), after reading over the docs on the blocks and add-ons. I am thinking that a block is prob the best way to go. per se, create a new block that get all the users information and displays it out in a grid format. If you have done something like this a little help starting would be greatly appreciated.

This is what i got today

o.orders_id as "Order ID", 
o.customers_email_address as "E-mail",
ot.value as "Total"
o.date_purchased as "Date",
o.orders_id as "Invoice ID", 
c.customers_firstname as "First name",
c.customers_lastname as "Last name",
c.customers_telephone as "Phone",

o.billing_name as “Billing: first name”,
o.billing_address as “Billing: address”,
o.billing_city as “Billing: address”,
o.billing_state as “Billing: first name”,
o.billing_country as “Billing: country”,
o.billing_postcode as “Billing: zipcode”,

o.delivery_name as “Shipping: first name”,
o.delivery_street_address as “Shipping: address”,
o.delivery_city as “Shipping: address”,
o.delivery_state as “Shipping: first name”,
o.delivery_country as “Shipping: country”,
o.delivery_postcode as “Shipping: zipcode”,

from customers as c
join customers_info as ci on c.customers_id = ci.customers_info_id
join orders as o on c.customers_id = o.customers_id
right join orders_total as ot on o.orders_id = ot.orders_id
group by o.orders_id
limit 50

As they have a very short dev time, I'd be willing to buy you a coffee if you can help out with the required sql code or a block template that gets all the users information (name, address, date they created their account, and if they have ever placed an order (details not needed)) and can show it on a "page" with some kind of grid structure. I'll buy you a few coffees if the records could also be search-able by name or address.