MOD IDEA (NOT REQUEST) - Reciprocal Link Manager

A link manangement system that:

  • Requires a reciprocal link added first

    — User can enter url where reciprocal link can be found and script searches for “

    ----- If not found, it will return an error saying so.

    ----- If found link will be added to database where links are queried from to be displayed
  • Featured links that admin specifies to be featured if person pays for it.

    — Pay more for not having to include reciprocal link

    — Pay less for still requiring reciprocal link

    — Only show a chosen number of randomly selected featured links at a time.

    ----- 0 for all.
  • Button in admin that goes through and checks all links if the reciprocal link is still there.

    — Notification email can be sent.

    More addons for this idea are welcome.


Link Management Assistant.


I’ve successfully implemented this into sexcentre