Mod for Selling floors in square meters

Hello everybody,

Does anyone have a modification for the product price regarding selling floors. Floors (e.g. wooden floors) are sold per package and the price is stated per m2 So I need a modification on the product prices where a customer can add the total square meters of floor necessary (it needs to calculate +5%) and then the total price needs to be calculated.

I cannot imagine that there is nobody with cs-cart who is selling floors.

I someone can help I would we very happy.



There have been numerous discussions about a UOM (Unit of Measure) modification for cs-cart V2. However, no one seems to be willing to ante up the cost for what it would take to do so and quite honestly, there are maybe only 5-10 people who have ever really expressed any interest. Since 5-10 sales of a commercial addon would not cover the cost of development, it's hard for anyone to justify going to the effort to make an addon or to even spend the time to investigate the extent of modification required since it would ultimately be unprofitable to do so.

In your situation, you also seem to require a partial quantity. I.e. 5.2 versus 5. This has many consequences throughout the cart.

There are some things that really should be designed in (versus hacked in). Decimal quantities is one of those and so is UOM.

My guess would be it's a 40 hour job to do UOM without Decimal Quantities (this is NOT a quote, but a guesstimate). This would give you an idea of what it would really take to do it right. Also note that other addons fiddle with pricing and quantities, hence it might require modification to addons as well as reviewing any core functions and provided hooks.

I can do this if anyone is interested.

Just developed a working solution for CSC 3.0.1

Hello Simonv74,

Do you have a url where we can see the solution working?


I do not know if this is what you need

you can see it here

[url=“Product price calculator CS-Cart add-on | Alt-team”][/url]


We do sq ft calculator mod like this all the time for heavy products, flooring and hardscapes… here's a few recent ones…

Bamboo Flooring - does calculations by sq ft, but only throw full boxes into the cart.

Pebble Tiles, Fountains, Hardscapes and Basalt Columns - this one also chooses different shipping APIs based on what goes into the cart (Freight, LTL, Fed Ex, custom, pickup … all the way up to 20,000 lbs.

UK Bamboo Flooring - Same system roughly … only in Metric and some additional products like dimensional lumber.

It's interwoven into the whole process … so it doesn't fit a nice, neat add-on. The UI/UX elements are why … primarily if your catalog only sells some products by sq ft / sqM.

I know it's an old topic but we are interested too in this addon. Anybody has something like this? Thank you!