MOD: AccessFilter (Block- ánd Allowfilter)

Here’s a (beta) mod i made a while ago. should work fine.

if not, or if you need extra’s, help each other out here.

[COLOR=“red”]This is what it does:[/COLOR]

With the AccessFilterâ„¢ you can either allow or deny certain people to your store, so it can be used in two completely different ways!

This can be used for your live store, as well as for testing purposes (only allow certain people).

Not only does this apply to ip-addresses, but also to DNS (almost anyone has a name instead of an ip-address), also a part of that DNS, and even CS-Cart usernames!

An optional email is sent out to you (or whomever) if the AccessFilterâ„¢ is triggered. This can even be set per entry! You can also redirect to another URL when the AccessFilterâ„¢ is triggered.

Full logging-options are included.

[COLOR=“red”]A screenshot:[/COLOR]

Read the INSTALL.txt in the zipfile to install:



But you’re wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks nwsco

I know Zyles means well, You’ve not wasted your time, because you can bet that Cs-cart have taken from this mod some of the idear’s you put in it.

Great mod

I think this is a great mod, and when the CS upgrade comes out, you can bet that im not going to be installing it until at least service pack 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

So your mod is gonna be inplace for quite some months to come :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for releasing it as yet another cool free mod

this one also has:

-AllowFilter (great fort testing…works the other way around)

-Email notifications

-Logging options

-Redirect option

-More…(f.e. sends you an email when logfile doesnt exist

or has no write permissions & more…)

If you dont like it, then dont use it…Its just a mod i made for myself

a while ago, but still wanted to share…no biggy

Hi nwsco

Just to add a thank you for this mod and i also agree that this is not a waste of time.

This is probaly one of the best mods i have got.