Mobile Emulator Testing On Desktop

hopefully this has not been covered yet (i could not find it)

here is a simple test for those experimenting/configuring on a desktop localhost,

and want to test the look/feel on different mobile devices

download the free/open-source 'opera' browser,

once installed click the upper left 'opera logo', scroll down to 'get extensions'

and serch for resposive web design tester, install this

it may not have all the mobiles available,

but it has enough to give you a good idea

the screenshot below is of the default cs-cart theme on an iphone 5 portrait

hopefully that helps someone else out

also if you used ampps/softaculous to download cs-cart, don't forget to at least rate it (if not review it),

i almost passed it over because it only had 31 ratings

[attachment=10504:cs-cart mobile test1.jpg]

cs-cart mobile test1.jpg

Note that similar feature is built in the Chrome code inspector:

Thank you for the information.

Thank you for the information.

You are welcome!