Mobile Application for cs-cart

When i am checking cs-cart has very limited mobile application downloads, Many of his customers has no mobile application.
I talked to some cs-cart ultimate users, they are saying they are not providing payment gateway setup in application.
My question is in this era, where more than 95% of people using mobile phones, why your customers has not having application for mobile. How they will grow.
If your customer will not grow how they will refers cs-cart.
If you are not good in mobile application, just tiedup with some good developers.
I checked FluxBuilder - No-code and White label Mobile app builder…+%28Mass+Mailing+created+on+2024-05-16%29&utm_medium=Email
They are making mobile application for top most cms but not cs-cart.
I was requested to make they are said he will provide but now he is saying he will not make for cs-cart,
Please tiedup with any codecanon developers so your customers can use mobile application for there stores.

Our team will release mobile application for CS-Cart soon. If you are interested in the powerful solution, feel free to contact us.