Mixed content warning - SSL problem

I’m getting a the dreaded IE mixed content warning on all SSL pages - this has only been happening since upgrading to 2.0.12.

I’ve searched through the source for any hard coded http referenced content and removed a few likely culprits that came up, but am still seeing an unsecure content warning

Thanks in advance!

Try removing all blocks from cart and checkout.

All blocks are already removed from those pages so that couldn’t be it - but thanks anyway - blocks pulling in external content were causing problems in the past.


How were the “Useful links” and “Subjects” added?

Can you post a link? This would allow us to see what is causing the error and help you remove it.


What is this maxtracker.net script you have in there?

Is that a 1pixel tracking image?

that link is using http


“Useful links” and “Subjects” were added through the backend as normal categories and pages.

I have no idea what the maxtracker.net script is… which is worrying. I actually see maxtracker.net loading in the browser notification, but can’t find the link when I search the source. Would you know how I can find and delete it?

your JS script has the maxtracker image in it.

Last 2 lines of that custom script.

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