Missing "Price List for Customers" add-on


I found this video CS-Cart B2B eCommerce Platform | Price list downloading - YouTube ( CS-Cart B2B eCommerce Platform | Price list downloading), said that I can enable this add-on so customer can download the price list.

But I went to my add-on page and I jsut can’t find it. Does anyone know what happen? Or if I want to install just that add-on where I can download it??

Thx. by Gabriel

What version of CS-Cart are you using? It’s probably only available in Multi-Vendor.

Do you use B2B or B2C edition? It looks like a feature of B2B only

Thank you~ I noticed that feature is only for B2B package but mine is B2C.

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Yes, you are correct, this add-on is only available for B2B redaction of CS-Cart.

Does anyone knwo why the B2B version or mixed B2B - B2C version is not available to buy a licence any more

Unfortunately, this edition is no longer available for purchase.

How come ?
will it be in the future, anything else in the pipeline?

I’m afraid we don’t have any long-term plans to share at the moment.