Missing "place Order" Button

My checkout page is using a secondary "Continue shopping" button at the bottom, INSTEAD of a "Place order" button. So there is no way for someone to checkout. I have looked at the source code, and no button is being generated that would allow someone to actually checkout.

I am using a standard responsive template that came with version 4.11.3, and I have checked my custom CSS to make sure there is nothing that would be affecting the display.

I am not using any 3rd party plugins... just what came with CS-Cart.

I have changed my payment methods, thinking there was an issue with Authorize.net, but even with that disabled and check payment enabled, or phone payment... nothing works.

Here is the site: http://2waysupply.com/store2020/

Does anyone know how on Earth I can troubleshoot a fresh install of version 4.11.3 with NO button on the checkout page that would allow completion of a payment? All that is allowed is "continue shopping."

I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you!

Please make sure that the wrapper is selected for the grid with checkout blocks (Design -> Layouts -> Checkout)

Thanks, I have checked that. My wrapper for that grid is "Lite checkout."

Tech support suggested I disable shipping methods entirely, and that worked, changing the button from "continue shopping" to "place order," as it should be. I had one shipping method enabled, with $0 entered manually, with free shipping enabled, but that did not work like it did in the old software. Hopefully CS-Cart will improve the intuitiveness of their shipping setup process and provide more error messages where appropriate.

I agree in regards to the shipping process needs attention badly. Even in version 4.15.2, its still an issue. They need to get it fixed quickly.

Also, they need 2 CS-Cart versions. International, created for international use and USA created for USA use.