Missing orders! 2.0.12

I had no problems going from 2.0.11 to 2.0.12… so I thought and maybe this isn’t really realeted to the update… but about the 22nd time frame (was that when the update was reelased?) orders have started to disappear… Well acutally never placed. I have paypal records showing the order, the order ID, the items on the order, yet no record of it at all in my database.

4 customers have now reported this same problem including one that happened just last night.

There has to be something wrong. We get about 20-30 orders a day so maybe we noticed this before others, but maybe its something wrong in our setup?

Anyone have any ideas how an order could get all the way to paypal where it even displays what’s in their cart (well on some of the orders, not all) and but the order id on the admin is completly missing? it’s not in failed or canceled status, just completely not there.

This is very disturbing as I only find these out when customers come to me a week later and as where they hell their orders are.

Help please! Ideas?



You are using the basic version of Paypal rather than the later version of Paypal “Express Payments” aren’t you?

[quote name=‘Struck’]You are using the basic version of Paypal rather than the later version of Paypal “Express Payments” aren’t you?[/QUOTE]

I allow both I think. I have one set to “Paypal Pro” which uses “cc.tpl” and one set to “Paypal” which uses “cc_outside.tpl”

They have been working ok most of the time - at least they were fine for months before this current issue.

I’m also just signed up for YourPay and I’ll be installing that today and maybe that’ll just avoid all this… I’m sick of paypal holding 20% for 60 days of my money. Bastards.

Support center told me I need to pay for support… I can understand that if I’m the only one with the this problem - which it appears I am since no one is saying they have had missing orders. Grrr.



Hello James,

[QUOTE]one set to “Paypal” which uses “cc_outside.tpl”[/QUOTE]

This is where your “cant find the order” issue is coming from! :smiley:

You are using the old style, original Paypal garbage payment method, you need to setup for Paypal Express Payments which eliminates this problem. The issue here is the plain version of Paypal requires that customers leave your site to go to paypal to make the payment at which time you “hope” they then return to your site to complete the order… But they ARE NOT !! :smiley: This is why your customers uuuuhm think they placed an order, and you have no record of it, because they got confused, had a stupid attack, or whatever & never completed the order. Again, Paypal Express Payments method solved this problem like 3 years ago which was why it was created, call it the modern day version of Paypal payments acceptance.

But then again… If they attempted to hold 20% of my money (or even 1 % of it for that matter) for 60 days, it would be see ya later in a microminute!:wink:

Ok, well we’ve been using paypal setting for like a year without any missing orders till this month. So did something change recently on cs-cart or paypal that would make this happen?

If I switch the paypal method to paypal express do I need to do anything more inside paypal or elsewhere for setup? I think it asks for usernames and certificates…

Is this different then Paypal Pro which allows credit card transactions while on my site? I get the 3 mixed up maybe.


Hello James,

If you are already setup for Paypal Payments Pro, then you are already setup on Paypal to use Paypal “Express Payments”.

Yes, paypal’s marketing has caused loads of confusion, you need to focus on setting up “Express Payments” as this is what you are not taking advantage of.

Setup a new payment method in CS-Cart, name it Paypal Express.

Then, choose “Paypal Express Checkout” as the Payment Processor from the dropdown selection. You will then need to enter some of your username/password details from your Paypal account. You will also need to enter the certificate details from your Paypal account and your done. After setting up Express Payments you will now see the Paypal Express checkout button displayed in your cart page.

This method has worked flawlessly for us with our CS-Cart store for approx 6 months now.

I can almost guarantee that you will not have any more “missing” order situations!

Ok, I switch to paypal express lets see what happens.

I also just got setup at YourPay so hopefully I can ditch payapl and their 20% holding policy for most of my orders. I can’t believe they don’t think people will leave them over that obnoxious policy. I gave them warning they do adjust accounts and they didn’t adjust mine. So now they can kiss $20,000+ a month goodbye.


I’ve been using standard PayPal for 3 years and have never had this problem nor do they hold any percentage of my payments. The user does not have to return to your cart for the transaction to be completed. It’s completed at PayPal and they are given an option to return to your site or not.

I dont think you are alone.

I noticed Jesse has the same problem listed on the bug tracker #1641

I got a hateful message from a customer…

[quote name=‘mrmem’]I dont think you are alone.

I noticed Jesse has the same problem listed on the bug tracker #1641[/QUOTE]

Once I’m positive my Yourpay gateway is working fine, I’ll be stopping my payment of $30 a month for paypal pro… will that mean I can’t use paypal express?

As for my account? I don’t get it either. I’ve been with paypal for some 10 years, had very good track record with very few (couple a year) chargeback. I do some 20k a month with them and they treat me like **** but paying me .04% intrest on $5000-7000 on average that they keep me from withdrawling.

It seem that on some 30-40 average tickets I pay about 3.8% overal. With my Yourpay account it should be much more like 2.8% - that’s about $200 a month savings right there, and I get my money within 2 days automatically.

F- them.



[quote name=‘mrmem’]I dont think you are alone.

I noticed Jesse has the same problem listed on the bug tracker #1641[/QUOTE]

Acutally I tried changing the order # to the one listed in the paypal transaction. It did not exist. I think I’m at a count of 5 orders that were just not on CS-CART but got paid for around the 16th-22nd


OMG, I was watching things closely since I just changed both our payment methods. So I did see an order come in before midnight using PAYPAL EXPRESS - two in fact from the same guy and he paid in paypal which I see the orders in paypal.

The were showing in the orders screen fine and on my .NET front end… all looked well.

Then a few hours later (after midnight) I check and the 2 orders he made are gone!!! TOTALLY DELETED. I didn’t delete them. There is no entries in the cscart_orders, cscart_orders_data, and cscart_orders_details tables.

It’s like someone/something deleted them using the system since all 3 tables had to get hit… which to me means that maybe paypal sent some sort of final confirmation IPN or something and when that happened cs-cart deleted the order.

In fact, the order id was 21630 and 21631 I know for sure… the last order showing in those tables right now is 21629. But if I check the auto increment value for the cscart_orders table, guess what - it’s set to “21632” — which means I’m not fricken crazy, someone/something deleted those two orders!!!

Since my staff isn’t awake right now and since I wasn’t messing with the program I can only assume that a call back from paypal was processed by cs-cart and it deleted the orders.

My backup routines don’t kick off till 3 or 4 am which is later tonight. I don’t think CS-CART runs a cron, does it?

Looking at my cron for root user, I don’t see anything that goes off around midnight that would effect this.

On top of all this, there is some database change in the update that must be screwing with my .NET program - for some bizzar reason most of the orders are no longer showing in the .NET program. Bound to be a join that went bad, but it was working earlier today. WTF?


P.S. The order that went through about 30 min earlier then this one that got deleted, went through as normal yourpay credit card processing - and it’s still in the system just fine.

Not sure if this helps… I had IPN turned on - legacy sites/code, probably don’t even need it anymore so I turned it off now… but it was calling back to a program on my end that checks if we need to do something… since we don’t for cs-cart it just ignores it - but it does log the call from paypal.

----- 01/27/2010 22:58:39 -----

ERROR: No URL Assigned for item: | TX: 7SK53917HD5082911

----- 01/27/2010 23:02:17 -----

ERROR: No URL Assigned for item: | TX: 68W551000U082522N

As you can see, paypal did post back to my site, whcih more or less ignored it, but it does time stamp the events (which in the above is the two orders that guy made through paypal express)


Found out why a lot of orders dropped off my .NET application… something set a bunch of orders in the cscart_orders table to have user_id = 0

Anyone know what could have caused that?

That person who made two orders does have a user id and the cscart_users table doesn’t seem to be effected. Last user signed up timestamp is 1262314541

This is bizzar… so not only did I loose yet another order while I was watching, but now a bunch of orders have had their user_id set to 0


With every new cart release I am thinking if the time has come to upgrade and every time I am happy I did not do it!

When will be decent final stable version of cart be released?

I found something in common with every order that I found missing… they were each the last order of the day! All of them happened after 10pm and most within an hour of midnight.

Any idea why this might be? What happens at midnight server time that might cause an order to get deleted?


EDIT: Rats found one that was 17:23 and orders after it… I also thought it was only Paypal payments but I see some are visa…

SIDE: Why do some transactions at Paypal show the cart and others don’t? Can’t find any reasoning.

Ok, I have found some orders dating 17th that went missing and I didn’t do the update from .11 to .12 till the 21st of Jan.

So these orders going missing pre-date the update.

If that’s the case then all this mess must be releated more to my setup/server/paypal then CS-CART’s update… but what could be causing some orders to get deleted (as they were once added)… where in CS-CART might I look for such a thing that could delete orders on it’s own?


EDIT: I found one on Jan 5th… which is before the last change I made to my server. So it’s possible this bug dates back to the .11 version. Humm… but no one else is reporting this. Grrr.

The orders are still there, just change the order id number in the address bar.


it sounds like a server problem to me. I don’t know what but sure looks like it.