Missing order status

So I had an order come in from Japan (rare) that did not have an order status at all. So it failed to get processed by us even though the customer made payment. It sounds like the problem is due to a mismatch in price (guessing maybe currency conversion) but the fact that there is no status to the order is most concerning. See attached. Anyone see anything like this before?

In the staff only note it has: “!Paid amount and order amount is not same! Please, compare paid order and received amount in paypal!” Not sure if this from CS-cart, PayPal or from my PayPal SDK add-on (CS-Commerce).

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 19-59-37 Orders View orders - Administration panel

Possibly CS-Cart sets the status which is not available in your store (or was deleted earlier)

Definitely seeing this with more orders so it’s not a international or price conversion issue. And all pricing is the same even though the error says that is the issue.

Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

Help desk can’t help me since I’m using an older version.

Maybe it is time for an upgrade? :wink:

Due to all the modifications done to my site, upgrades take (you all) several months to complete, then never work properly for several months after going live so I miss out on all kinds of sales. It is a total mess every time I upgrade so I keep them as few and far between as I can.