Missing buttons in admin panel 4.0.2

Today I log into my admin panel and there are some buttons missing.


[]No way to add or remove languages

]No way to change storefronts


These buttons (the +) were there yesterday. I’m not sure what happened.

Hey robertparacay, did you have the full version of CS Cart activated? Maybe you were running a trial version and it expired? Multiple storefronts is only available for full licenses I believe.

Also, you can try checking your account privileges, some of these functions are only available to authorized accounts/users and maybe you accidentally removed some access from your own account.

Thanks for the response. I do have a fully licensed storefront and like I mentioned, it was all working fine yesterday before I left work. Might have to submit a ticket. Cheers

Hi robert, sorry to hear that, I guess it is a bug then :( Hope the CS Cart support team can find a speedy resolution!