Minimum Purchase for product


I’m a newbie for this cs-cart and love the look and feel of it:p . My biggest problem is that I require to sell my products( clothing) in minimum prepack units to my wholesale clients. For instance I require to sell in minimum packing ratio of 8 units with mix size ranges and colors at one price. and If my client choose 2 or more packs, they will be charge at another unit price.

For eg. One pack = 8 units @ $10 per unit, Total =$80

Two packs = 16 units @ $8 per unit, Total =$128

Three packs = 24 units @ $7 per unit , Total=$168

Can this be done/set in the admin section? Or other suggestions

Can anyone help me with this? Any advice will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


You could sell by packs i.e. instead 1 meaning 1 unit, 1 would equal 1 pack.

Use the wholesale pricing feature to price the packs accordingly. i.e. 1=$80 2=$128 3=$168 and so on.

Then make the product only available to your wholesale group (and not all users)

Good suggestion Ryan, I will use this method until there’s a module to set it.


There doesn’t seem to be plans to implement a module for this in the near future. So I contacted HelpDesk and they estimated they could complete the job for $85.00 in 8 days after payment was received.

I think this feature should be included in next versions. The more features the cart has the more people it will suit and more sales they will make. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing our happy faces… I would stick to the more sales part though…