Minimum Order

Minimum order does not seem to be working

Not able to test this on the cs cart demo, it doesnt allow you to change settings there.

Several customers have checked out with less than minimum amount set in admin.

Anyone else noticed this?


I’ve just tested in my 208 and it was working.

How are you displaying taxes? I do know that the minimum amount includes taxes.


Thanks for the reply Kogi.

I have no taxes (displayed) on the product, rather just calculated at checkout.

The orders are going thru for customers that are not residents of our state, so there is no taxes on their order.

There should be a way to do subtotal minimum on this.

Thanks for the reply tho and for letting me know it worked on yours.

The shipping charge is also figured into the minimum order amount in CS-Cart which should not be the case! The minimum should only be based upon products added to the cart… :rolleyes:

We ended up increasing our minimum order amount to offset the shipping charges.

Ok, I’m going to report this as a bug. There would be no way to implement this with consistant results unless you had the same weight on everything. I will also request that it be an option for any configuration you may use, if you want to base the minimum total of the items OR items + taxes OR items + taxes + shipping