Minimum Order + Freebies

We sell digital products.

Is it possible to set a minimum order ($2 for example), but still allow freebies? I haven’t been able to find anything so far.

I think you are saying “Minimum order amount” under “settings/checkout” doesn’t work for you because you have products under $2 and also free products, and you can have the free product even if your cart isnt >= $2

Could you do something with promotions. i.e. get rid of the “Minimum order amount” make all of your non-free products >$2 but put a promotion (discount) on the ones you would normally sell for less than $2 if order value is >$2 … a bit clunky but it will also make your customers feel like they are getting a bonus.

I am afraid, it is not possible out of the box. Extra code changes are required

I’ve tried that using a cart promotion, but it doesn’t work. The promo changes the subtotal to $0, so it won’t allow you to proceed to checkout.

Thanks for the idea!

Thank you!! If I decide to it’s needed, you know I’ll come to you. :slight_smile:

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My suggestion is to do away with the minimum order setting. Then you can leave your free items free. I have also suggested you jack up the ticket price on anything currently under $2 to $2, then set a promotion on those items if the total cart value is greater than $2 to reduce the price of those items … again not perfect, could be a lot of work (because you would have to set up a promotion for each price point under $2).

Promotion for an item that is normally $1, now $2 could be advertised as “50% of this item when you spend more than $4” (because if the customer buys two of them, then pre-discount cart total is $4, 50% off = $2).

An item normally $1.50, now $2 would be advertised as 25% off this item when you spend more than $3.

If these were your only price points (and no doubt there will be more) customer could buy (to meet your criteria of minimum

  • Option A: 1 x $2 (no dicount, original price of items was either $1 or $1.50)
  • Option B: 2 x $2 @ 50% off
  • Option C: 2 x $2 @ 25% off
  • Option D: 1 x $2 @ 50% off + 1 x $2 @ 25%

Thank you, but it’s much more complicated than that. We have support staff that “purchase” goods for free, and I really don’t want to build another way for 50-60 vendors to deliver those goods.