Minimum order for wholesale membership modification

Hello all …

I have contacted CS cart concerning developing a modification that would require a minimum order to be placed for a wholesale customer to receive wholesale pricing.

I’m looking for anybody that would want this for their own site to help share the cost with this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


I think it might help if you mentioned how much is cscart quoting you and what is the min number of people you wish to share the cost with. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, what is the cost?

We definitely need this feature, however, it is a feature which absolutely should be a “Standard Feature” of CS-Cart. It is common business practice to set a higher minimum purchase amount for wholesale B2B purchases and a lower minimum purchase (with higher profit margins) for consumer B2C purchases.

I’ve expanded a bit from what I was originally quoted and will post the new quote upon receipt.

Essentially, I’ve requested the ability to add a separate minimum order value to any of the groups that I set up at my store.

Need this any more info

yea… we need this function too! Any updates?

[quote name=‘ghgames’]yea… we need this function too! Any updates?[/QUOTE]

What about discount coupon with specified category and total amount in cart

Do you still need the ability to set a minimum order amount for wholesale membership?

I’ve created a cheap mod that allows for a minimum purchase amount to be assigned to each group. It also handles users in multiple groups as well. The link is in the sig.